L’Chaim makes music leaning on Eastern-European traditions, and interprets these in an entirely unique and energetic way. The band started in 2006, and consists of seven musicians from the Netherlands, Syria, Turkey and Italy. With a background in the klezmer, Balkan, gipsy, pop, jazz, Persian and Arabic music they create a refreshing and danceable mix.

Both albums “Gipsy Trouble” (2011) and “Animal Bazaar” (2015) show the diversity of the band very well. There is singing in eight languages and the songs vary from lively polka to melancholic songs. With their energetic liveshow they get every public to dance and they have become experts in party-making, both on the street and on stage.

Though the band name might be suggestive to some, nor the band nor its members have political or religious motives and respect the musical heritage of the Balkans and the Middle East. Music is music and L’Chaim is here to entertain 🥳